Peaktime melodic / hard / hypnotic Techno (125 – 145 BPM)


Hey guys! It’s been a while, but here finally is once again a massive mix. Starts smooth at 125 BPM, gets harder, takes a detour through some Acid Techno, gets really hypnotic and dark, and finally delivers you a pile of Techno Bangers. Enjoy it!

Here is the massive track list:
Going Down – Adam Beyer & Dense & Pika
Can’t Sleep (Original Mix) – Juliet Fox
Walk On Rainbows (Kiz Pattison Remix) – Dylan Debut, David Coker
Kicking & Cooking (Original Mix) – Frank De Wulf
Journey To The Underworld (Original Mix) – ANNA
Orion (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
Walk On Rainbows (Original Mix) – Dylan Debut, David Coker
Lost In Rainbow (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) – Roberto Pagliaccia, Dubskull, Evry
The Sound Of The Big Babou (Original Mix) – Laurent Garnier
Fatal Attraction (Original Mix) – Sopik
Aprophis (Original Mix) – Responder
Proletarian Spaceship (Original Mix) – Ecilo
Sound Bath (Original Mix) – Dubfire
Turn The Lights (Drunken Kong Remix) – Christian Smith
Acid People (Original Mix) – Raito, T78
Storm (Original Mix) – A*S*Y*S
Room 2 Move (Robpm Rmx) – Linus Quick
Black Paradox (Original Mix) – Ecilo
Midnight Acid (Saytek Remix) – Horatio
We Come (Original Mix) – Filippo Peschi
Sentient Beings (Zafer Atabey Remix) – Audio State (RO)
Flashbang (Original Mix) – Shadym, Niereich
Always By Your Side (Univrz Remix) – Nicolo (AR)
Give It Straight (Sebastien Pedro Remix) – Eamonn Griffin
Dart (Original Mix) – Marco Bailey
Code ID (Raftek Remix) – Carara
Dull Experiment (Original Mix) – Raul Young
Gintare (Original Mix) – Robots With No Soul
Desolate Spaces (Original Mix) – Slam
Construct (Original Mix) – Slam, Amelie Lens
Zakary (Original Mix) – Lander B
Sound Bath (Luciid Remix) – Dubfire
Devil’s Reject (Original Mix) – Hermeth
Apokalypse (Original Mix) – Der Minimalistiker
The Rush (Original Mix) – Slam
Conflict Two (Original Mix) – David Asko
Rise Enhanced (Original Mix) – Twins Project
Soldier (Original Mix) – Cri Du Coeur
Past (Original Mix) – STEEN[DE]
Timewarp (Original Mix) – STEEN[DE]

Image: Von Daderot – Eigenes Werk, Gemeinfrei, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=86385592

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