PTT Session 2022-05-27 (Techno, 130 – 142 BPM)


I prepared this set for the monthly ‘Club Ready DJ School Student Stream’ (fb.me/e/3t1mFXkNr).
Unfortunately there was not enough time for us all, therefore I won’t participate this time.
I’ve recorded it anyways, as I think you should definitely hear it. It is a nice journey through a whole lot of varieties of Techno and related genres.
Once again mixed with a 4-band EQ I’m still getting used to. Could be a bit harsh or muddy here and there.

Track IDs:
Free Your Head (Original Mix) – Carbon
Teach Me (Amelie Lens Main Mix) – Adam Beyer
Got My Number (Matt Goddard Remix) – Alex Virr, Emy Zaluzna
Ridimo – Ramiro Lopez
ZAOR (Original Mix) – Reinier Zonneveld, T78
Kua (Original Mix) – Fatima Hajji
Communication (Indecent Noise pres. Raw Tech Audio Extended Remix) – Mario Piu
The Uninvited (H! Dude Remix) – MiSinki, Tony Romanello
Paura (Noseda Remix) – Gladyshev, LNO
Believe (Original Mix) – Eli Brown
Sound Bath (Luciid Remix) (Luciid Remix) – Dubfire
Devil’s Reject (Original Mix) – Hermeth
Apokalypse (Original Mix) – Der Minimalistiker
Future Dancefloor – Alignment
Past (Original Mix) – STEEN[DE]
Radioactivity (Original Mix) – Alignment

Image: collections.lacma.org/sites/default/…-O3.jpgGallery: collections.lacma.org/node/243567 archive copy, Public Domain, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27291367

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