About me


I’m PlayTheTureen, Techno DJ and Producer based in Munich, Germany.
When I’m not DJing, then I’m searching new tunes for my collections. And if I’m not searching new tracks, then I make new tracks.

Why DJing?

I love good music and I even more love a great mix to dance to.
This led me to DJing myself, as I wanted to create mixes with only music that I like. I thought listening to my sets would be great, but seeing, that other people are enjoying my selection is even more rewarding.

Anatomie of my sets

The most important part is of course the crowd reaction. My empathic connection to the crowd lets me determine in which direction the set should go. Harder? Uplifting? Total break in energy? I give the listeners what they want, but don’t even know yet.

Mostly I play (melodic / hard / hypnotic) Techno, Acid, and Progressive House, which are mostly not to find in any Top 40 lists. The BPMs range between 124 and 147 BPM (sometimes within one single set).
My sets always have an arc of suspense, i.e. I start mellow with some Prog House or Melodic Techno.
The later in the mix, the darker and more energetic it becomes. Always sprinkled with some trippy and hypnotic Techno, and some oldschool bangers. Eventually I get to the hard and wild Techno peaktime tracks.
At the end it gets a bit gentler, where I sometimes have little surprises for the audience (something you would not expect in a Techno set, or a long time not heard classic). I like to get the listeners back out of the dark and hypnotic trance, uplift their minds and put them into a good mood.

This way I hope the guests will look back to the event and think “Man, this journey was incredible! The trance was almost exhausting, but still I got out of the club so happy!”

What events can I cater?

Club, house party, warehouse party. Everywhere a PA system is available.

How to book me?

Just send me a message via the Contact form and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

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