(Not)LIVE @GA12 2022-01-29 (Techno [melodic/hypnotic] 130 – 135 BPM)


One massive piece of a mix again! Enjoy the mezmerizing journey through hypnotic techno tracks, scattered with melodic techno pieces.
Also I was able to embed a request by one of my greatest fans and friends MickKay (‘Contact’ by Daft Punk).
Hope you all enjoy it! We will, at our little house party, for which I created this set.

And once again a big thank you to ‘Philografina’, for this amazing cover art!
Definitely check out her Instagram and give her a like and follow!

Here’s the immense track list:
Threshold (Original Mix) – Zafer Atabey
Fade To Grey (Original Mix) – MOTVS
Doppelgänger (Marco Resmann Remix) – Oliver Huntemann
You Belong Here (Kettenreaktion Remix) – Thomas Schumacher, Caitlin
Sirius (Original Mix) – Thomas Hoffknecht
Your Lights – Paco Osuna
Push (Original Mix) – Thomas Hoffknecht
Relax (Original Mix) – Thomas Hoffknecht
Epiphany (Original Mix) – Pig&Dan
Ironclad – Lee Van Dowski
Contact – Daft Punk
Pluk (Nicolas Bougaieff Journey Remix) – Dusty Kid
Traces (Original Mix) – Pig & Dan
Escalation (Original Mix) – MODIG
Rampart (Original Mix) – Dubfire, Flug
Peace (Remixes) (Original Mix) – Drunken Kong
Memories (Zacharia Remix) – Electronarcosis, Myad
Techno Monkey (Remixed, Vol. 3) (DESNA Remix) – Simina Grigoriu
Follow (Stay With Me (Perc Remix)) – Amelie Lens
Narcosis (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
Dreams (Original Mix) – Niereich, Shadym
AER (All Engines Running) (Original Mix) – Fatima Hajji
Mother Earth (Original Mix) – Fatima Hajji
DMT (Original Mix) – CamelPhat
Molly (Original Mix) – Joyhauser
The Loop (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
Ratio (Original Mix) – F-Rontal
You Belong Here (DJ Tool) – Caitlin, Thomas Schumacher
Basic Function (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
Basiel EP (Basiel (Original Mix)) – Amelie Lens
Don’t Think – The Chemical Brothers

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