Live @ GA12 – 2021-07-24 (Warmup -> PeakTime; Techno)


This was a really fun night! This time i kept it smoother in the beginning, but don’t be afraid, it gets banging!

The extraordinary and beautiful track picture was illustrated by the lovely Janina Steger (a.k.a. Philografina). Thanks a lot for this!
Definitely check out her Instagram for more great stuff: @philografina

Also I want to announce, that there will be a second part to this mix really soon. I’ll have to recreate it, so it won’t be recorded live in front of an audience.

Take Care of the Proper Paperwork – Deadmau5
Godlovesugly – Ortin Cam
Groove Del Verano (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) – jozif, John Digweed, Nick Muir
Moto Perpetuo (Heat Engine) (Original Mix) – Dusty Kid
Fireworks (Joris Voorn Remix) – Boy Bianchi
Te Tazas (Original Mix) – Sistema
Godlovesugly (Raudive Remix) – Ortin Cam
Confronted (Pan-Pot Up in the Air Remix) – Pan-Pot
Greenhouse Effect (Original Mix) – The YellowHeads
Groundwork (Original Mix) – Glaskin
In Silence (Original Mix) – Amelie Lens
Growler – Pig & Dan
Ghetto Kraviz (Regal 303 Remix) – Nina Kraviz
Dance Mashine (Original Mix) – Shadym, Alain Delay
Supercharger (Original Mix) – Timo Maas
Maasimoto (Original Mix) – Timo Maas
Sgadi Li Mi (Original Mix) – Charlotte de Witte
Shutter (Original Mix) – Loco & Jam
Hope (Original Mix) – Patrik Berg
Sounds of Revelation (Original Mix) – Tom Wax
Confronted (Frazi.er Raw Remix) – Pan-Pot
We Don’t Know Anything Yet (Adam Beyer Remix) – Joel Mull, Alan Fitzpatrick, Frangie
Jet Lag (Original Mix) – Fatima Hajji
Endgame (Blue Mix) – Marcel Warren
Outline (Original Mix) – Julian Jeweil
Motor City (Original Mix) – Marco Bailey
Angular Momentum (Original Mix) – VÅGH
Raise (Electric Rescue Purple Remix) – Nick Muir, John Digweed
Tranquilizer 2.0 (Original Mix) – Oliver Huntemann
Mental Cinema – Belocca
Killer Queen (Original Mix) – Joyhauser
Transmission (Original Mix) – Julian Jeweil
Resurrection (Reinier Zonneveld 2020 Remix) – Edward Artemiev
MDMA (Original Mix) – Reinier Zonneveld
Teach Me (Amelie Lens Main Mix) – Adam Beyer
Wizard (Rivet Spinners Remix) – Sopik

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